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Identity Theft

When You Are a Victim

This can happen to anyone. Here are key steps to take:

  1. Document all contacts - write down dates, names, and phone numbers.
  2. Read information at the Federal Trade Commision web site.
  3. Contact any one of the three national credit bureaus to place a fraud alert on your file.
  4. Request a copy of your credit report - its free. Ask the bureau to include only the last four digits of your social security number on the report.
  5. Contact all creditors to inform them of the problem. Close affected accounts and open new accounts with different PINs and passwords.
  6. File a report with the local police, and keep a copy of the report.
  7. Contact the FTC to report the problem: 1-877-IDTEFT or
  8. Report the problem to your nearest Postal Inspection Service office.
  9. Phone the Social Security Administration Fraud Hotline: 1-800-269-0271.
  10. Contact the DMV. Alert them to the fraud, check to see if another license was issued in your name, and if so, request a new license number and fill out the their complaint form.
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