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Hybrid Vehicles Certified for Energy Tax Credits

As of the last update, there are a number of vehicles certified by the IRS for the hybrid tax credit. This credit applies to vehicles purchased starting in 2006. Here is the list with the current credit available.

Also included here are vehicles that qualify for the Qualified Fuel Cell Motor Vehicle Credit, since it matters little to most of us which credit is reducing our tax liability. Alternate fuel cell credits do not phase out like the hybrid tax credit. The full amount of the credit is available on (new) vehicles purchased by December 31, 2010. Look for "AFC" in the table below.

Note that "Good Until" indicates the last date for the current credit. After that the credit should be half this amount for 6 months unless it expires. Also "Expires" indicates the last date for any credit on this vehicle.

Make / Model Credit Good Until Expires

Note that the credit is decreased after the manufacturer sells over 60,000 vehicles to its dealers, which Toyota did in Q2 of 2006, Honda did in Q3 of 2007, and Ford did in Q4 of 2008. So do ask the dealer what the current credit amount is. These credits on Toyotas ceased as of October 1, 2007. Credits on Hondas ceased as of January 1, 2009. Credits on Fords will cease as of April 1, 2010.

The reduction begins in the second quarter following the quarter when the sales reaches 60,000. The credit is reduced to 50% for 6 months, then reduced to 25% for an additioanl 6 months, then eliminated for that model.

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