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About The Master's Tax Service

Our primary focus is taxation. The tax law is extensive and few people can understand the issues of all situations. So we pursue tax education well beyond the annual requirements for our licenses. (See our education history below.) We also pursue education that will expand our knowledge in a wide variety of areas, such as family tax issues, business acquisitions, estate planning, trust administration, partnership taxation, corporate tax, etc.

We believe in maintaining the highest level of integrity while providing a personalized service. We view a tax return as the application of tax law to reconcile historical events. Therefore we realize that the most valued service that we can provide occurs before the taxable event through advice that would influence decisions to reduce taxes, not just documenting the facts afterwards through determining the taxes due. This means that real value is delivered at any time during the year when decisions must be made. We are available year-round, not just during tax season.

While our primary focus is taxation, we are available to assist in activities that support or lead to taxation issues. See our Services page for more details.

Personal information is included on our biography page.

Education History

The following table shows the total number of educational hours that we each took in each year. Below that is information on selected seminars we attended.

Annual Education Hours
20197 hrs.7 hrs.
201842 hrs.108 hrs.
201762 hrs.88 hrs.
201656 hrs.58 hrs.
201580 hrs.63 hrs.
201459 hrs.67 hrs.
201373 hrs.89 hrs.
201291 hrs.70 hrs.
201188 hrs.85 hrs.
201096 hrs.70 hrs.
200945 hrs.44 hrs.
200892 hrs.70 hrs.
2007117 hrs.84 hrs.
200632 hrs.54 hrs.
200571 hrs.150 hrs.
200436 hrs.78 hrs.
200348 hrs.111 hrs.
200266 hrs.66 hrs.

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"Tax software is no substitute for tax knowledge."

Any views expressed herein are based on our best information. The content of this web site was written as general information without specific individual information and thus may not apply in all situations. This material was not written, and cannot be used by the taxpayer for the purpose of avoiding penalties that may be imposed on the taxpayer.

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