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Visiting a Tax Preparer

There really is no secret or special process to visiting a tax preparer. But just to maxamize your results and minimize your effort, here are some simple steps. Each of these are a link to a page with more details or help.

  1. Prepare for the visit. This assumes that you are coming in to have your tax return prepared. (Actually, some people prefer to simply mail us their records and we communicate concerning any questions using email or phone calls.) Here are some handy check lists.
  2. Make an appointment if you prefer not to mail us your information.
  3. Before we can assist you on your tax return, we must have a signed Engagement Letter. We suggest you print this in advance because if you are married, both the taxpayer and spouse must sign it. If you are mailing your informationto us, please include this. Also, it refers to our Privacy Statement that you should review.
  4. Effective January 1, 2009, we are required to request your consent to use your tax information if it is to be used for any purpose other than completing your tax return. To be valid, we must obtain this before presenting you with a completed tax return. Note that our tax return preparation services are not contingent upon you completing this form. Signing the form does not mean that you will receive solicitations from us. But even if you ask about other services, if we do not have this form signed and on file then we must request your information to be given to us again. Therefore, it would be helpful if you reviewed, signed, and brought in the Consent to Use form.
  5. Finding us.

Most people have a few concerns about what it might cost to visit a tax professional. At one time we did too. This will be an issue in particular if you have heard stories of people paying $500 to $1000 (or more!) for a tax return. Sure, there are complicated returns that can cost that much, but most are far less.

We price tax return preparation based on the number of forms used and the complexity of the return, so prices do vary. If you would like an estimate of the cost of your tax return then we ask that you provide a copy of the prior year's return. We will work through the return and provide an estimate of what we would have charge the previous year for completing that tax return. To the extent that your situation is similar then you can anticiapte that our fee will be similar.

"Tax software is no substitute for tax knowledge."

Any views expressed herein are based on our best information. The content of this web site was written as general information without specific individual information and thus may not apply in all situations. This material was not written, and cannot be used by the taxpayer for the purpose of avoiding penalties that may be imposed on the taxpayer.

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